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delusions of grandeur

[eyes that see into eternity]

the girl
2 April 1985
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I have a daughter named Lola and a son named Tristan.
They're pretty much a big deal.
I'm old enough to know better and still too young to care.
cemerick is where it's at.
I like motorcycles, and tattoos.
i keep my friends close, and my enemies closer
I LIKE PEOPLE THAT CHALLENGE ME, AND girls that make me think.
Music is my life. i love punk. i love rock n' roll. whatever it is, it has to be LOUD
I love wintertime, but I absolutely HATE to be cold.
I kick ass in history, and sometimes I don't repeat my own mistakes.
[I want to live] in San Francisco.
VAGABONDING is my dream job.
Fascinated by military machinery.
Staring at Marines in dress uniforms is my [guilty pleasure].
I smoke Cubans and read Steinbeck.
[rediscovery and self growth are important]
(my faith, and hittin' the gym)
I don't like [rude people].
I [respect] people that stand up for their opinions.
Inner strength is important. So is common sense.
Mrs. Emerick. Sam.
Mother. Wife. Best friend.